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Everyday Diary

Table for Five

Mar 5, 2015 |
I am a married, 40 year old SAHM of three children, and I live in Michigan. I blog to stay sane while taking care of my computer tech husband, two grade school-age boys, and a toddler daughter. When ... Read more

Bubbles Make Him Smile

Mar 5, 2015 |
Follow our daily blogs as we share our lives with you and our experiences as people who love somebody with autism. ... Read more

This Silly Girl's Life

Mar 5, 2015 |
The life of a silly lil lady that writes about her daily adventures of being a newly wed! ... Read more

The Redhead Riter

Mar 5, 2015 |
The Redhead Riter is witty, intelligent and addictive as she writes about family, marriage, failures, blogging tips, art, humor, inspiration and aging. ... Read more


Mar 5, 2015 |
This blog is owned by a weird girl who finds the musty smell of old yellowish rotting books to be comforting. This is a personal journal with bits and pieces of the literary and photography wanderings ... Read more

Naza Dean

May 10, 2015 |
This is a blog where I share random stuffs. I share things that are beneficial to me or which I think is important for others to know. I focus more on sharing stuff that can help a person to make ... Read more

It Can Be Done - Dropping The Weight A New Challenge

May 30, 2015 |
My personal weight loss blog which has been morphed into my recovery blog after hurting my back (8mm Herniated Disk) at the gym. This has my life, dreams, struggles, and everything in between. I live ... Read more